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Being prepared for the Active Shooter/Armed Intruder – Proactive Securities

Being prepared for an active shooter / armed Intruder is important.  This training will provide you with background information on active shooters, teach indicators of a potential shooter, and will teach you the information and steps you need to better survive an active shooter attack.  The valuable information learned during this session can be used in the work environment as well as everyday life.  

Changes to Verification, Certification and Utility Reimbursements-Streamlining Final Rule and the Fast Act – Mary Ross

In December 2017 HUD introduced a new Interim Final Rule. This Interim Final Rule provides new options for property managers. These include three-year verification of fixed income, three-year verification of assets when assets total $5000 or less and three-year verification of income that is not fixed when 90% of household income is fixed. Join us to learn how to implement these new rules and see how they make the annual certification process easier.

Complex LIHTC Compliance Issues: Acquisition Rehab, Transferring Households and Adding New Household Members – AJ Johnson

There are a considerable number of LIHTC rules that cause consternation among owners and managers, but three in particular are particularly confusing. In this 1.5 hour session, the requirements relating to tenant qualification in acquisition rehab projects will be reviewed, along with a detailed discussion of the tax credit unit transfer rules and IRS requirements when adding a new household member to an existing household. Examples will be provided to assist in the attendees understanding of each of these three areas of complex LIHTC compliance, with time for questions and answers.

Converting to PBRA RAD – Mary Ross

The Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) contracts provide much-needed funding to allow owner/agents to rehab Public Housing properties, Mod Rehab/Rent Supp/RAP properties and now PRAC properties. Learn what happens after the closing. How to identify the RAD residents in TRACS, how to set up tenant files, vouchering for subsidy, etc. This class is great for all property management professionals including HUD staff, property owners an property managers.

Dealing with Difficult Calculations – AJ Johnson

Highly participatory, this training will require participants to perform income and asset calculations of a difficult and complex nature. This will be followed by a review of the calculations and a discussion of appropriate methodologies.

Detecting and Dealing with Tenant Fraud – AJ Johnson

Tenant fraud is always a concern at assisted housing properties and this course will outline specific indicators of fraud, detection methods, ways to prevent fraud, and how to deal with fraud when it is discovered. This training is applicable to all assisted housing programs, including Section 8, RD Section 515, HOME, and LIHTC.

EIV-Income Discrepancies – Mary Ross

Learn how to simplify the EIV Income Discrepancy Process. What does HUD really want you to do? Also, during this session, we will review the best way to document compliance with HUD’s EIV requirements.

E.M.E.R.G.E – Making the Pieces Fit – Vickie Bell

Compliance and receiving a high scoring MOR are important parts of the property management puzzle -but so are you. Every Manager Experiences Residential Gloom Eventually, which effects your compliance efforts and your Management Review scores. Don’t wait until you receive that MOR scheduling call – Emerge now with practical methods and the tools needed to help you soar to higher heights in the areas of Compliance, MORs, and Resident Retention. Be a better you by gaining the inside scoop with these enhanced tips and techniques. (NOTE: This session is in a small occupancy room—seated is first-come/first-seated!)

HOT HUD Topics – Mary Ross

Join Mary Ross for a training session that combines a review of the latest trends and hottest topics of the day along with answers to some of the most frequently encountered problems facing affordable housing owners and agents. This class includes instruction that goes beyond the HUD Handbooks to give you answers and tools to address the tough questions we get from property managers and compliance staff. The curriculum has been designed to help you understand changing requirements and provides policies, checklists and notices to help you in day-to-day processes.

It’s Not Just Sex Anymore! Best Practices for Managing Harassment Issues On-Site – Doug Chasick

Maintaining a harassment-free workplace for employees at all times is not just the law, it’s good business. In this session, we’ll examine what constitutes non-sexual and sexual harassment, who is protected, and who is required to comply with anti-harassment laws. We’ll discuss best practices for reporting and investigating allegations of harassment and how to create policies to prevent harassment. You’ll leave with a better understanding of what harassment is and how to prevent it. Mr. Chasick, “The Apartment Doctor,” is President of the Fair Housing Institute, Inc.

Marketing & Leasing Tax-Credit Communities—best practices for success in a changing marketplace – Marci Brand

Recognize who your real target market and competition is; maximize your marketing dollars. Discover tools to determine where renters are located that meet your income criteria; learn how to use geo targeting and recognize leasing issues before they become crises and how to respond. This session will also cover how to lease without concessions, digital marketing trends and how to keep your team on track and motivated.

Mental & Behavioral Health in the Senior Population – Kim Burton

Rates of mental health and substance use disorders are growing, especially among the senior population. Whether a person has a diagnosable disorder or not, there are sure to be conflicts and challenges among families and neighbors in housing communities. This session will provide important education as well as practical tips for serving older adults and individuals with disabilities who struggle with common mental health problems, relationships and community living.
Kim Burton is the Director of Older Adult Programs for the Mental Health Association of Maryland where she oversees educational programs and advocacy work on behalf of older adults and those who care for them.

Peacocks and Horses and Ferrets, Oh My: How to Manage the Explosion of Assistive Animals – Doug Chasick

Not understanding Fair Housing laws regarding assist animals can get your teams into hot water! We’ll explore the legal requirements surrounding assist animals, including a summary of the latest case law and HUD policies. Topics covered will include the differences between the assist animal requirements under the Fair Housing Act and ADA, multiple animals, dangerous breeds, exotics, liability insurance issues, and the role of local ordinances. The instructor will make meaningful recommendations for assist animal policies including specific reasonable accommodation forms for use with requests, best practices for processing and evaluating requests and legal considerations when denying a request. Mr. Chasick, “The Apartment Doctor,” is President of the Fair Housing Institute, Inc.

Preparing to Ace Your MOR- Vickie Bell

Want a high-performance score on your MOR then attend this session.

The 2016 reinstatement of MORs has many O/As anxious about their leasing and occupancy compliance and their MOR score. In this advanced class, we will cover the specific questions and forms (the HUD 9834 & Addendum A) that the Contract Administrators use when conducting the MOR, with highlights of specific new elements of leasing and occupancy compliance. This session will leave attendees with a renewed sense of confidence – knowing that they will be able to receive a high scoring MOR.

Time & Stress Management Tips for Property Management Professionals – Marci Brand

We goofed last year when we put this session in a small room—so we’ve brought it back for all you who missed it! This session will address: 1. Changing your stress mind set; 2. Dealing with Angry and Negative Team Members and Residents; 3. Creating effective communications skills with team members; 4. Best Time Management Tools for Property Management; 5. Ways to Handle Stressors in the Office; 6. Forcing a pause to get control; 7. Changing your language to promote time and stress management; 8. Effectively using the Body Scale AND 9. Embracing Change.

Technology & Compliance Essentials: TRACS 2.0.3.A Preparation and Paperless Initiatives

The world of Affordable Housing is evolving quickly. Are you ready to implement the latest regulations and explore the different approaches to going paperless? In this session, RealPage Affordable industry experts will provide a high-level overview of TRACS 2.0.3.A and how that will affect your day-to-day experience with OneSite®. Learn how to implement the upcoming changes, review current implementation timeline from the software perspective, and how this update could impact your business. In addition, view a live demonstration of RealPage’s new enterprise-level document management application that simplifies the way companies handle the full range of documentation across their portfolio. From corporate needs to site operations and compliance, RealPage Document Management can be used as a complement to OneSite or as a stand-alone solution. 

VHDA Small Group Round-Table – VHDA Staff

Meet with VHDA Compliance & Asset Management staff in an informal, roundtable session. Ask property specific questions or questions not addressed in the VHDA Updates session, or other questions related to managing affordable housing properties. (NOTE: This session is in a small occupancy room—seated is first-come/first-seated!)

VHDA Updates on Department and Regulatory Initiatives Impacting VHDA Funded Properties – VHDA Staff

VHDA Compliance & Asset Management staff will cover new regulatory requirements from HUD and the IRS affecting management and compliance monitoring. Topics include a refresh on VHDA programs and monitoring guidelines, the Tenant Selection Plan, VAWA, QAP updates, and other topics. This session will focus on the work life of Property Management staff and Compliance and Asset Management professionals.

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