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Session Descriptions

Conference Session Descriptions

Annual Certifications – Mary Ross
Join Mary for an up-to-date discussion of the AR process including a quick review of the AR process. Discussion includes information about what to do when a resident is slow to report for the AR. This includes information about the 15-month rule and when it is appropriate to terminate assistance.


A-Z Requirements of Affordable Housing Student Rules – AJ Johnson
Student rules vary by program and dealing with these rules on “layered” projects can be difficult. This training will review the rules for each of the major affordable housing programs (LIHTC, Section 8, Tax-Exempt Bonds, HOME, and Rural Development Section 515) and will give recommendations on how to interpret the rules when more than one rule applies.


Fair Housing: Criminal History, Immigration Status & Limited English Proficiency – Martin Wegbreit
The federal Fair Housing Act prohibits a housing provider from discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, gender, familial status, or disability.

Because minorities are more likely to have a criminal record due to unequal treatment in the criminal justice system, denying housing because of a criminal record may violate fair housing if the provider does not first consider individual circumstances and evidence of rehabilitation. This session will cover the 2016 Guidances issued by HUD to housing providers and how criminal records, immigration status and limited English proficiency (LEP) should and should not be used in admissions policies.


Recruiting & Retaining Top Employees – Marci Brand
In this session, Marci will address: Dealing with The Generational Work Force; Best Practices for Recruitment On and Off Line; Onboarding New Hires so They Stay; and Recognizing What Today’s Employees Want from The Job and Their Employer.


Interim Certifications – Mary Ross
Join Mary for an up-to-date discussion of the IR process including how to handle challenging scenarios like teachers who receive income 9 of 12 months, residents who fail to report, exercising the option to delay creation of the IR and residents with new jobs and residents who get a job-then quit the job-then get another job.


Resolving Conflicts Between 8609 Elections and Extended Use Agreement Requirements – AJ Johnson
The IRS Form 8609 is a required form for the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program and outlines specific requirements for the first year (and subsequent years) of the LIHTC compliance period. The Extended Use Agreement details the promises an owner of a tax-credit property makes to the State Agency in order to obtain an allocation of credits. Unfortunately, the requirements of these two documents often differ and managers must navigate the differing requirements as they operate the property. This session will outline the purpose of each document, give examples of potential conflict, and provide suggestions on how managers can successfully operate a LIHTC project when the two documents contain conflicting requirements.


What Happened to the Candidate I Thought I Hired? Interviewing Skills – Brenda Harrington
Few things can be as costly for an organization as the direct and indirect cost of employee turnover, and with having an employee who is not a good fit based on the company’s culture. During this session, we will explore interviewing techniques designed for you to learn as much as possible about a candidate before inviting them to join your team. You will also learn about effective approaches for getting new employees up to speed once they are on board, and to manage them toward individual and organizational success.


Time & Stress Management Tips for Property Management Professionals – Marci Brand
In this session, Marci will address: Changing your Stress Mind Set; Dealing with Angry and Negative Team Members and Residents; 5 Best Time Management Tools for Property Management; and 3 Ways to Handle Stressors in the Office.


EIV Reporting – Mary Ross
This class focuses on reporting requirements for EIV. Class discussion covers the Existing Tenant Search, the Master File and Reports Reviewed during certification. This session provides a full summary of HUD’s requirements.


Marketing & Leasing Tax Credit Community: Best Practices for Success in a Changing Marketplace – Marci Brand
In this session, Marci will discuss: How to Recognize who your real target market and competition is; How to Maximize your marketing dollars; Leasing without concessions; Digital marketing trends; and Keeping your team on track and motivated.


Most Common MOR Mistakes – Vickie Bell
Navigate Asset Management Trainer, Vickie Bell presents, “The Most Common MOR Mistakes.” MOR mistakes result in MOR findings. Avoiding these mistakes and learning other useful tips will enable you to receive a better MOR score!   


Effective Utilization of LinkedIn – The Basics – In this session, we will cover some best practices for using LinkedIn as a tool to raise your visibility to the market, network with other experts in your field, and attract potential candidates.  We will discuss the basics on profile content, making connections, and posting relevant information to build your network.


EIV Income Discrepancies – Mary Ross
This class focuses solely on the EIV Income Discrepancy Report. If you don’t understand the report, there’s a reason why. . .it doesn’t really make sense. Join us to review what to do when EIV generates an Income Discrepancy.


Communicating with Today’s Renter, Resident and Workforce – Marci Brand
In this session, Marci will tackle the myriad of communication challenges facing us in today’s marketplace; the Difference between Hearing and Listening and ways to avoid the Pitfalls of Adult Listeners; Trigger Words and Hot Points—avoiding confrontation with co-workers, staff members, prospects and residents; Communicating Effectively On Line—getting your point across to an audience with a limited attention span; and Written Communication still matters—tips for effective written communication.


Don’t Overreact to REAC- Dennis DiBello
This session will cover the recent changes that HUD has implemented for the inspection process along with where REAC/UPCS is heading in the future. The discussion will focus on getting the best score you can. In particular, Dennis will discuss writing successful appeals: database adjustments and technical reviews. Mr. Dennis DiBello, Chief Inspector, from American Property Consultants (APC) has performed REAC/UPCS inspections since 1998, and is fluent on the past, present, and future of REAC. He can provide his insight on getting top scores for REAC.


Using Social Media as a Recruiting Tool – There are many ways to recruit talented individuals to your organization. Social Media is now a required tool to reach both the people who are actively seeking new positions and those yet to consider a change.  We will cover various sites, how best to use them, and outcomes you might expect.


HUD Update – Mary Ross
This session is all the latest announcement and Hot Topics from HUD. Some of the topics we will review are:

  • Tenant Selection Policies
  • House Rules
  • New Verification Requirements
  • VAWA
  • And much more!

*Session topics and times are subject to change.

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