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Maintenance Workshop

Fourth Annual


November 15 9:00a.m.  – 5:00p.m.

NOTE: Sessions are repeated in order to allow registrants to attend all topics

8:30a.m. Registration and Breakfast

9:15a.m. Concurrent Sessions – (attend one)

– Maintenance Preparation for the REAC Inspection
– R-410A Introduction & Overview
– Team Maintenance
– Preventing Mold is Moisture Maintenance

12:15p.m. Lunch (provided)

1:45p.m. Concurrent Sessions(attend one)

– Fair Housing for Maintenance Personnel (mini-session)
– R-410A Introduction & Overview (Repeat Session)
– Preventative Maintenance
– OSHA/Right to Know/HazCom

3:30p.m. Concurrent Sessions(attend one)

– Fair Housing for Maintenance Personnel (repeat session)
– R-410A Introduction & Overview (continued from 1:45p.m.)
– Preventative Maintenance (continued from 1:45p.m.)
– OSHA/Right to Know/HazCom (continued from 1:45p.m.)

5:00p.m. Vendor Exhibition

Maintenance Workshop Session Descriptions*


Maintenance Preparation for the REAC Inspection – This session will cover how to prepare for a REAC Inspection; what to do in advance of the inspection, during the inspection, and after the inspection; quick and better maintenance fixes to get top REAC scores. Mr. Dennis DiBello, Chief Inspector, from American Property Consultants (APC) has performed REAC/UPCS inspections since 1998, and is fluent on the past, present and future of REAC. He can provide his insight on the maintenance preparation for REAC.


R-410A Introduction & Overview – This 3-hour class is designed to answer many questions that have arisen surrounding the change from R-22 to R-410A in all Air Conditioning Systems beginning January 1, 2010. This change has led to many questions surrounding how the new refrigerant will be serviced and how to integrate these systems onto existing properties. Topics of Discussion include:  Safety; Properties of $-410A Refrigerant; Comparing R-410A to R-22 & Alternative; Interfacing Old and New Equipment; Service Guidelines; Repair or Replacement Options; and Proper Charging Techniques.


Team Maintenance – This 3-hour class is designed for Property Managers and Maintenance Supervisors to take as a team, this fun and enlightening class promotes a shared responsibility between leasing and maintenance teams. Team leaders earn how working together helps everyone to succeed cohesively while encouraging unity of the entire team and how partnering and communication contributes to the overall success of the Team. Topics of discussion will include: Team Management/Maintenance; Safety and Leadership Skills; Curb Appeal; Communication Exercise; Team Budget/Inventory Control; Maximum/Minimum stock levels; Standardizing Parts; Ordering Cycles; and Anticipating your needs (seasonal adjustments).


Preventing Mold is Moisture Maintenance Are you spending time and money cleaning mold off of surfaces over and over again? Ever wonder why the mold keeps coming back? Would you like to address the root cause and stop putting bandages on serious issues? Mold is a moisture issue! But where is it coming from? Understanding different sources of and control of moisture methods that produce mold will be discussed. The relationship between air movement, temperature and relative humidity will be used to diagnose and help prevent those pesky mold issues from coming back!


Fair Housing for Maintenance Personnel – This short fair housing discussion will focus on fair housing issues that are of greatest concern to maintenance personnel of multifamily properties. It will focus on interaction with residents, the importance of documentation, and provide examples of how unintended consequences may result from seemingly innocent actions. It is a must for maintenance staff who deal with applicants, residents, or who enter resident units.


O.S.H.A./Right to Know/HazCom – This 3-hour class is an overview of the Globally Harmonized System (GHS), Labeling, Safety Data Sheets, HazCom File, Personal Protective Equipment and much more!  Questions to ponder: How many sections in a SDS? What number represents the most sever hazard in the GHS? What is the CIL? Safety glasses/goggles must have what inscription? Don’t miss this session presented by Frank Martin with Central Wholesalers.


Preventative Maintenance – HD Supply provides this 3-hour session that focuses on the importance of preventive maintenance. The course reviews how to prepare a preventive maintenance plan and its effect on the apartment community. Topics covered include: common preventive maintenance tasks; safety; how preventive maintenance relates to resident perception; the importance of recordkeeping; how to perform inspections; and how to prevent expensive repairs by performing the necessary ongoing maintenance.

*Session topics and times are subject to change.

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